The AppStar tablet provides fun, educational learning and gaming, helping to develop key skills in reading, spelling, maths and creativity.
AppStar School
The App School offers a wide range of different fun educational games. Your child can start learning basic maths, shapes, spot the difference. With over seven different levels to select from for children of all ages, you will have lots of fun answering the questions
Parent Control
Parents can enter a password which will unlock the tablet and give the parent full internet browsing and select what apps your child can view and play in child mode.
You will be kept entertained with hundreds of games to choose from and you will find one that you simply can't put down!

In the App Stores you can enter a world of fun with a choice of games and educational books to keep you busy for hours.
Audio/Electronic Books
With the pre installed "Mee Genius" and "iStorybooks" apps children are encouraged to read using the brighly coloured images and "follow me" text with the additional audio "read to me" featured story books are bought to life.
Art Studio
Children love to colour, draw and doodle. With this great app it makes drawing so much fun. Select your colour, image and start colouring using the touch pen or your finger. You can doodle on a blank canvas and save all your favourite artwork.
The AppStar tablet has 21 pre loaded classic and fun nursry rhymes. You will find your favourite one from a collection of: If your happy and you know it, Old Macdonad, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Incy Wincy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Wheels on the bus, Jack and Jill to name but a few!
The Appstar Tablet also plays MP3’s so you can save and listen to your music
Snap and shot away with a great built in front facing camera which also allows you to record your best moments.
BabyBus Fun Apps
We have pre loaded "Babybus" Apps which takes you to a learning journey on a bus and helps younger children with shape recognition, numbers, music, animals and fruit names.
AppStar Zone
A dedicated Zone where you can download a huge range of games, educational, books and videos that are great fun!
A great way to learn your spelling and words with this fun pre installed game.
101+25 Games
A fantastic app with over 101 mini games to keep you entertained.
Hot Donut Lite
A great fun game keeping your finger tips busy as you control the Hot Donut through the various levels.
A lite version of several puzzles that make the shape of the letters ABC and 123
Burn the Rope
A very fun and popular game which will keep the children quiet for a while!
Parental Controls
Parental controls for safe web browsing

In most instances unsupervised web browsing can have a potentially harmful results however, with the unique AppStar password protected parental control setting you can be confident that your child can surf unsupervised and won’t see anything that you don’t want them too.

Parent controls to restrict different content for different users

Using the multiple user feature you can choose to display certain apps for certain users, your 4 year old son can have his own profile while your 7 year old daughter can have her own more grown up set of apps. You can also choose to have you own profile displaying just the parent apps that you’d like to use on your train journey to work. Setup up to 10 different user profiles if required with different apps on each profile. The parent mode allows only the parent to purchase apps from the AppStar app stores so can keep those card details locked away from the little one.


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